About us

     Shanghai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. is an important member of overseas enterprises of Japan Parkerizing. It was founded in 1989. Parkerizing is the first Sino-Japanese joint venture in metal surface treatment in Shanghai and East China. At present, the company mainly engages in manufacturing and marketing more than 400 kinds of products including degreaser, phosphatizing agent, passivator, high-pressure washer, preservative, and other metal surface treatment agents. 

    The chromium-free fingerprint resistant agent developed by the company and Baoshan Iron & Steel has applied for national patent, thus the company has made new contribution to energy conservation and environment protection. 

    In 2004, the company firstly developed high-performance non-electrolysis plating solution with Kanigen, and Parkerizing entered into a new and high-end field. 

    We would like to cooperate with you based on high-quality products and services for creating bright future.